A space where I tell you who I am, where I am from and what values I live the most. 

A piece of my soul to be shared with you so we can somehow virtually connect. 

From conducting pilates retreats to teaching basic yoga movements or explaining what is a healthy balanced diet ... my facets, my life, my soul. 

A nomad, an empath, a nerd, a passionate learner, an enthusiastic soul, a sun kissed heart. 

Understand what makes me different, why I feel so connected to movement and what I have done throughout the years to reach the point where I passionately love what I do. 

I apply an anatomical lens to all my classes and enjoy from transferring knowledge to my clients so they have all the tools they need in order to attain the perfect balance between strength and flexibility allowing them for a great mobility all the way to old age. 

See what other people have to say about my classes, retreats, events and workshops. 

Wether groups or individuals I always take the time to learn each person's body, strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to keep going after their goals. 

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A true life nomad, born in Brazil, brought up between Spain and the U.K. made Dubai a home for 10 years and now living in Switzerland. 

Since a little girl I would burry myself in books  and try learning the most unique things in order to soak my brain with knowledge. 

After having suffered many injuries, an overweight and bullied childhood and discovering I wanted to learn how to change; health nutrition & fitness came knocking at my door to truly bless me with the ability I now have in sharing my journey, teachings and learnings with the world ...

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