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Ateliers, Classes & Yoga Workshops for your employees


Yoga | Pilates | Health & Nutrition Workshops

Employee Motivation

Mind, body and soul are connected in a way that when all vibrate happily, our energy allows us to be extra productive. 

By having your employees join workshops or classes together where they will learn, move, destress, reset and empower themselves; you will encourage a positive atmosphere, a motivating environment and a growth mindset. 

Fancy some yoga workshops? A pilates atelier or some nice and healthy meal plan ideas ...

I can plan that for you! 

Increased Productivity

When was the last time you felt super productive whilst being extremely fatigued and overstressed?

See an increase in productivity levels and overall enhanced performance when employees are able to utilize one hour of their day to generate endorphins, adrenaline and unload their stress. 

My service will provide a safe space where to focus, re-energize, healthy and empower. 

Team Building

Encourage connections and employee interactions.

Benefit from a workplace that has a positive and energetic vibe.

Activities done in groups are proven to be extremely effective in generating team-like atmosphere, allowing soft skills to strongly improve and re-inforcing an overachieving mindset. 

Benefit from my workshops and clases where I foster a positive, fun and friendly environment. 


Tailor made services also available upon request 


Yoga | Pilates | Health & Nutrition Workshops

Long hours, tight deadlines, and ever-increasing demands can leave you feeling worried,

drained, and overwhelmed. 


And when stress exceeds your ability to cope, it stops being helpful and starts causing

damage to your mind and body.

Allow me to embark you on a stress free journey.

- Yoga | Pilates classes for all levels

- Team building sessions 

- Breathing techniques to ease mind & body

- Meditation & relaxation 

- Nutrition 101 eat well, work well series of workshops

How does it work?

- Corporate packages offered at your workplace or online.

- You choose the time that best suits your needs

- Pre / Post Work hours or Lunch Break 

- Each class / session is 60 minutes

- Lessons / Workshops  are in English or Spanish

What do you need?

- A large enough space, reasonably quiet 

- For each employee to bring their mat and comfortable activewear clothing

- You will be met at your level, beginners to experienced practitioners

- Meeting room for workshops with white board and projector availability


* 2 lessons / workshops a week

Minimum duration of 3 months 

640 CHF per month 

group classes of maximum 20 people

* first class is held for free - price per class is 80 CHF

Classes are specifically designed to tackle work related stress and enhance overall wellbeing

thus improving productivity.

Health Coach | Pilates Instructor | Yoga Teacher 


corporate client online yoga activ wellness
corporate client online yoga activ wellness
corporate client online yoga activ wellness
corporate client online yoga activ wellness


What can I say, Rocio is a great person and a great professional , she helped me learn to manage my anxiety with food, has nutrition programs that help you organize the food of the week with super healthy and great recipes. She knows how to listen and will help you with what you need, Pilates, Yoga, guided mindfulness sessions... Rocío is a great inspiration for anyone. (At lest for me she is) I am and will be eternally grateful to have met her.

*Translated version, original in Spanish, available under my google reviews page. 


Rocio is an amazing teacher. Attending one of her classes is a boost of positive energies! I am taking her pilates classes, which are demanding but fun and super efficient. I had the opportunity to take private classes as well. She is a patient and deeply supportive professor. I would definitely recommend her classes without any hesitation!


Rocio is peace, calm, empathy, affection, sweetness, wisdom, love ... and all this is reflected in what she does and knows. From her seasonal recipes that give your body all the necessary nutrients, to the words you need to read to reconnect, meditate, so learning from and with her is a pleasure for your body and your intellect.


* Translated from Spanish (original under my google reviews page


In order to respect client confidentiality and employee privacy, no pictures of corporate events are shared here however referrals are available upon request from the companies showcased above or  

under testimonials.

Corporate Yoga Workshops

Pilates Ateliers

Healthy Meal Plan ideas

and much more 



I have been trained in many different specializations and have also gone through Train the Trainer courses during my own corporate career thus giving me the proper tools I need in order to conduct workshops and classes for an array of different people within office environments.

Working with companies allows me to dive deep into the needs as a corporation and work step by step into reaching a confident, stress free, happy team environment. 

The image in the left represents the collage of words that one of my clients, Duracell Inc, had for me after our first one hour encounter. 

Be the next Happy Customer!