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healthy family meals

Kombucha 101

Step by step guide on how to make your own kombucha. 

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Food Journaling

Template to help you understand what foods might give you intolerance or simply use this guide to track your healthy new habits. 


Pre Natal Stretches

All you need to know about 

Pre Natal exercise modifications, daily stretches with images and interesting anatomical info. 

healthy family meals


Learn how to make the spicy and fermented korean dish Kimchi to enhance your gut health. 

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Meal Template

Organize your meals like a pro with this template.

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Healthy Tips

Follow these 10 easy tips in order to reduce weight NATURALLY!

healthy family meals

Fight Sugar Cravings

Tips & Tricks to help you fight sugar cravings and keep the extra pounds away.

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Power Ball Recipe

Healthy Vegan Power Ball Recipe.

Easy to make and delicious!