attend to all your nutrition, pantry,
meal planning & health  concerns


Answer your Questions

Why are you bloated after your meals? 

What foods are "healthier"?

How do you read a nutrition label and what do you look for. 

Organic vs non organic

What is an intolerance and do I have one?

What foods have gluten?

How can I prepare quick & easy meals?

Answers to these questions and many more are what a trained holistic health coach can help you with. 

The approach is on the whole, thus considering all external factors and receiving a full perspective of your issues or concerns. 

Get these questions answered! there is no need for you to live with doubts or refer constantly to google for everything. My training and research allows me to assist my clients with all their nutritional queries. 

Lifestyle NOT Diets

Get rid of that cycle you have been stuck in for such a long time and embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

Say no to restrictive diets and constant cravings .

Stop punishing yourself because you "need to loose weight".

Did you know that through eating healthy alone you can activate all your natural healing mechanisms, allow your body to function properly and loose extra accumulated weight effortlessly?

Holistic Health Coaching focuses on eating REAL foods, whatever mother nature has provided for us, not what has been made in labs, coated in sugar and flour or fried until the origin is untraceable. 

I am here to help you find a healthier lifestyle that suits you better, that will allow you to thrive and that you can maintain longterm. 

Eat better, not less.


Accountability is having someone by your side that encourages and motivates you, is having a liability, knowing that there is a person out there looking out for you and wanting nothing but the best for you. 

I will be your accountable partner and ensure you receive all the tools necessary in order to thrive, in order to create and maintain healthy habits and create longterm changes for you and your family. 

We shall not just work on your goals, we shall get to know one another, I will be there to attend your weak moments, your cravings, your guilty pleasure doubts and provide you with recipes, pantry makeovers, nutritional information, guidelines, videos, handouts ... 

I am here for YOU! Coaching is all about having a unique approach to all your concerns and being there for you no matter what.  


there is one for YOU!

First session is for free!

Meet & Greet

140 CHF

full package

You would like some changes towards a healthier lifestyle, you are aware of the root causes for your imbalances and need someone to simply outline the do’s and don’ts for you together with new tips and tricks. A focus on exactly what it is you need right now. 


What’s included:

- Two 60 minute sessions

- One week simple, healthy 

meal plan

- Unlimited emails and calls for

one week



Sessions will be conducted at an agreed location in Vaud or online.

30 day Intensive

210 CHF

per month


A month long program created only for you where we will work together to create and implement realistic and sustainable ways for you to improve your overall health. Strategies will be tailored to your own specific needs, struggles, requests and goals on a weekly basis. 


Baby steps, one at a time towards long term big changes.


What’s included:

- 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions 

- Weekly grocery list and a simple, healthy meal plan

- Pantry makeover

- Weekly calls

- Unlimited emails

It is all about moving the healthy diet towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Sessions will be conducted at an agreed location in Vaud or online.

3 months all in!

600 CHF

full package

You have more time and would like to target a wider spectrum of goals towards that healthy diet? This package is perfect then.


What’s included:

- 10 x 60 minute

coaching sessions 

- Weekly grocery list and a simple, healthy meal plan

- Pantry makeover

- Weekly calls

- Unlimited emails

- Mindfulness tips

Head over to the resources section for a sneak peak of the meal plan templates.

Sessions will be conducted at an agreed location in Vaud or online.

Working Mom's

260 CHF

per month


As life gets more and more hectic, juggling a household, a family, a job and a healthy lifestyle might sometimes feel like quite a lot….because it is!! 


Together we will work on re-establishing guidelines and organizing your days so you can focus on loving and caring for yourself again.


What’s included:

- 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions per month

- Weekly Check ins

- Weekly grocery list and meal prep guide

- Pantry makeover

- Mindfulness tips

- Unlimited emails


Baby and Mom yoga upon request  

* An additional 50 CHF will be added per baby and mom 45 minute yoga session

Sessions will be conducted at an agreed location in Vaud or online. 

As a health coach I understand there are areas of your life that impact your short and long term health just as much as the food you eat. Such as your relationships, career, spirituality, environment and physical activity. 


I focus on bio-individuality as we all have different and unique dietary, lifestyle, emotional and physical needs. 


I am here to be your supportive mentor and wellness authority to guide you and help you feel your best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet YOUR unique needs and health goals. 




What can I say, Rocio is a great person and a great professional , she helped me learn to manage my anxiety with food, has nutrition programs that help you organize the food of the week with super healthy and great recipes. She knows how to listen and will help you with what you need, Pilates, Yoga, guided mindfulness sessions... Rocío is a great inspiration for anyone. (At least for me she is) I am and will be eternally grateful to have met her.

* Translated from Spanish (original under my google reviews page


Rocio is an amazing teacher. Attending one of her classes is a boost of positive energies! I am taking her pilates classes, which are demanding but fun and super efficient. I had the opportunity to take private classes as well. She is a patient and deeply supportive professor. I would definitely recommend her classes without any hesitation!


Rocio is peace, calm, empathy, affection, sweetness, wisdom, love  ... and all this is reflected in what she does and knows. From her seasonal recipes that give your body all the necessary nutrients, to the words you need to read to reconnect, meditate, so learning from and with her is a pleasure for your body and your intellect.


* Translated from Spanish (original under my google reviews page


Let me know if you have any questions or there is anything I could help you with.

Chatting is free and I am more than happy to help you navigate your path and come to the answers you're seeking. 

You can either fill up my contact form below and I shall email you back or simply book a free 30 minute discovery call by clicking the button below.

Let me explain what a discovery call is:

- We shall virtually meet each other

- Establish the reason for which you are seeking the help of a coach 

- Create a plan of action and a reasonable timeline 

- Outline the step by step process we can use in order to reach your goals

- See if we are a good fit for one another and hopefully start working together!


I have been in your shoes many times, looking for answers, wanting to make changes and getting frustrated when I could not tackle any of those things. 

Having gone through a major process of changes myself and being empowered and mentored by incredible trainers and teachers around the world, has made me into who I am now. 

I can offer you a unique approach, an anatomical view, a care for detail, for YOUR story and a genuine passion to help you reach where you want to be; both through nutrition and fitness. 

Choose between yoga classes or pilates and health nutrition. 

You will not regret it!

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