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Personalized Assessment

You will receive a Postural & Gait Assessment on day 1 after you choose to work together wether that is fitness or health coach related. I apply a neuroanatomy lens to all my sessions thus prioritizing the brain functions in all what we will work on. 

Choose between yoga or pilates and health nutrition. 

Round the clock care

My uniqueness is that I genuinely care for my clients, I help build a trust and collaborative relationship hence I am available by email or phone for any queries within our session times. 

Wether we do private sessions or group classes we shall aim to establish a bond that will greatly help the work we do. 

Private yoga classes, daily health tips and much more ...

Building Knowledge

Knowledge is power and I truly believe in it, this is why I have taken years of studies and build up my knowledge surrounding myself by incredible mentors. My aim is to transfer all this knowledge to you so you can keep the tools you need in order to successfully maintain the new habits even after our sessions. 

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This is me in a nutshell, I walk my talk thus you will always see me smiling, creating healthy recipes, moving and creating meaningful connections. 

About Rocio

A true life nomad, born in Brazil, brought up between Spain and the U.K. made Dubai a home for 10 years and now living in Switzerland. 

Since a little girl I would burry myself in books  and try learning the most unique things in order to soak my brain with knowledge. 

After having suffered many injuries, an overweight and bullied childhood and discovering I wanted to learn how to change; health nutrition & fitness came knocking at my door to truly bless me with the ability I now have in sharing my journey, teachings and learnings with the world ...



When I was pregnant, Rocio ensured I stayed healthy and got the proper balanced diet perfect for a developing baby. She helped me keep fit and strong with prenatal yoga and daily health tips. Now that my baby is 4 months old, she has guided me with balancing my diet whilst my hormones regulate, ensuring my postpartum journey is a breeze. She is super friendly, helpful and has an all-rounded knowledge. Thank you Rocio for all your help!


J'ai fait mon tout premier cours de yoga avec Rocio. Elle est très patiente et explique bien les mouvements et techniques de respiration. Ce que j'ai apprécié dans ce cours est que quelque soit le niveau de l'élève, le professeur est toujours capable de corriger la posture et proposer des exercices adaptés. Une vraie pause hors du temps, loin des tracas.


I have done few private yoga classes in Dubai an I can only say they were  amazing. Teacher Rocio takes her time to explain and correct poses, which I think it's crucial in yoga or pilates practice.  I felt so relaxed and restored after every session . Rocio is really great and enabled me to improve rapidly my skills. I feel much more aligned and my back pain disappeared as well.

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I have been in your shoes many times, looking for answers, wanting to make changes and getting frustrated when I could not tackle any of those things. 

Having gone through a major process of changes myself and being empowered and mentored by incredible trainers and teachers around the world, has made me into who I am now. 

I can offer you a unique approach, an anatomical view, a care for detail, for YOUR story and a genuine passion to help you reach where you want to be; both through nutrition and fitness. 

Choose between yoga or pilates and health nutrition. 

You will not regret it!

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