yoga lausanne

My name is Rocio, born in Brasil, raised in between Spain and the U.K and a true world Nomad. 

Have spent my years so far in Spain, Dubai and now I find myself immersed in the beauty of Switzerland, more specifically the Romandie area. 


Health and Fitness have been a staple in my adult life. After dealing with a very unstable and emotionally challenging childhood I started my own path of self discovery where I slowly began to notice how big of an impact daily exercise and healthy food could have. 

It was only in 2010 when it became a challenge to completely change my habits and aim for a health makeover. Acne, IBS, weight gain and several injuries were the kick in the bottom I needed to jump start a new life.  

Created Activ Wellness after a change of life where I ditched the corporate world to begin a new chapter. Worked as a Flight Attendant for 12 years, could barely keep up with life as it was and added Safety Trainer to my daily tasks. 

I was truly blessed to love every day at work as it brought me joy, laughter and further knowledge but deep down there was always something missing…

Human interaction was a staple of my day to day however human connection was missing, new technologies, social ,media, stress at work, living away from your family…this all glues together and impacts our ability to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Studied at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition - New York) and became a holistic Health Coach in 2015 and have attended yearly webinars and seminars since then in order to stay up to date within this ever-changing world. 

Co-Founded Adventure Volunteer in Panama in 2016 as my heart has always been drawn to volunteering and offering a helping hand.

Completed my 200HR Yoga Training Certification RYT in Rishikesh - India and courses in Anatomy, Biomechanics, Movement Foundation and Neuroanatomy together with my BASI Mat Pilates instructor certification.

I am someone you can feel comfortable talking to, that will listen and empathize with your specific needs. 


Smiles and laughter bring good vibrances within and around you and that’s how you will always find me.

Seek inner peace and you will find your happiness!