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Yoga | Pilates | Health Coaching 

Made for YOU

I gather all my knowledge and resources and ensure I tailor each and every session or class

for YOU and only YOU

Countless hours are spent in doing such thing however the benefits for you as my client are inmensurable. 

A tailor made class means,

meeting you at your level and progressing with you, 

listening to your needs and goals,

assessing your posture and considering the uniqueness of your individuality,

creating a plan where progress shall be congratulated, 

before and after results, 

two way feedback ...

If all of this spikes your curiosity do not hesitate and book a call with me, send me an email or pop in a class.

You shall not be disappointed. 

learn how to do pilates with activ wellness

Continuous Support

2020 has definitely been a year of challenges and changes where we all have learned something valuable. At the same time, online presence became the new normal and we all rushed to adapt to it. 

I do agree that it does not make up for human connection in person, however a lot of the services

offered online can really full-fill our needs in very many different ways. 

You shall look forward to something each week.

A sense of accountability will generate within you. 

It would turn out to be your personal gift just to yourself, that one moment just for you and nobody else. 

However far, I will be supporting and guiding you, coaching and mentoring you

every step of the way both online and offline.

Whether your goal is a healthy diet, to learn pilates or join yoga classes. 


I bring my own touch to each class and session and create a positive and harmonious atmosphere where sharing information becomes second nature. 

I care uniquely for my clients and strive to improve their health and well-being together with their fitness levels.

Assistance is both online and offline as I am always available for emails or questions during the time we are working together. You will have resources at your disposal, videos and templates to be used at your own leisure. 

I shall teach you the foundations on how to do pilates safely, the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle or guide you through relaxing yet empowering yoga classes. 

It is your choice, however know that when you decide to embark on a partnership,

I shall hold your hand every step of the way. 

Price list for all my services can be found here.


Choose Between 

Basic or Intensive Coaching

Sessions conducted over Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video or Google Meets


Coaching sessions

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and more ...

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Choose your pick and let's move together.

Sessions conducted over

Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video or Google Meets


Tailored classes

Postural Assessment

Offline Assistance

Click here and send me a quick email so I can get back to you with further information and pricing OR book your class straight away on the link button. 



How do I book?

Follow the button links or drop me an email,

you can also WhatsApp me on the number you see on my website or send me a DM through Instagram. 

What Online Platform do I need?

Zoom, Skype, Alexa Call, Face Time, WhatsApp Video Call, Google Meets

How can I make the payment?


Do I have to be living in Switzerland?

Not at all, these are my online offerings, you can be anywhere!

Do I need to be already healthy?

No, I will meet you where YOU are at right now.



I absolutely recommend Rocio, She gave me Yoga lessons outside, in front of the lake at Pullly, what an amazing place! She is very very nice and explain very well for beginners ! I highly recommend !


There are too much great things about activ wellness … This is the best page you could be in to learn improve your existing yoga practice so take full advantage, and also not to forget the mindful breathing and meditation. Everything is designed for comfort and convenience and I loved the attention to details. I’m so in love with the food recipes healthy affordable , to eat mindfully is one of my purpose.I started taking my vitamins it feels way better Thank you for your advises you are amazing full of knowledge inspiration . Again, thank you for taking care of us. Namaste.


Rocio, rocks in any and every sense. She is very calm, helpful, professional and most important knowledgable. I really enjoyed her Pilates classes and spirit. For recommendation to everyone.


I have been in your shoes many times, looking for answers, wanting to make changes and getting frustrated when I could not tackle any of those things. 

Having gone through a major process of changes myself and being empowered and mentored by incredible trainers and teachers around the world, has made me into who I am now. 

I can offer you a unique approach, an anatomical view, a care for detail, for YOUR story and a genuine passion to help you reach where you want to be; both through nutrition and fitness. 

Choose between yoga classes or pilates and health nutrition. 

You will not regret it!

Click the link below and let's start talking.