Let's talk smoothies ... Hablemos de Batidos

Whilst I am writing today's post I am slurping up a delicious green smoothie combination.

Have you ever wondered into the world of smoothies? Do you fancy trying? Have you wanted a healthier snack option and you didn't quite know which one to choose? My answer is smoothie.

I personally love them and after this post I hope you start a love affair with them too hahaha. For sweet cravings, for those of you who don't fancy eating an apple itself, for those who don't get the right intake of daily vegetables because of not liking them that much or any other reason, smoothies are a great alternative.

A smoothie is of thick consistency, requires the need of mixing fruits and/or vegetables with a liquid base either dairy or dairy free and can be topped up with seeds and powders upon preference. It is usually made in a blender, which I am sure many of you have at home as it is normally the easiest and most versatile cooking robot out there. If you don't have one there are plenty of supermarkets out there that offer blenders as cheap as 20 dollars. With modern days also came modern cooking robots so you might have heard of the Nutribullet, the Vitamix or high end brands like Hurom, Omega and Oscar making amazing quality blenders. They are all good as long as you own one as slowly you can introduce yourself to having a smoothie almost every day and then you will be able to move forward and dive into the world of blenders to buy whichever you think you would like better. I own a Nutribullet myself and I am so happy with the texture I get in my smoothies. It has a new nutrient extraction blade system and it has been proven to retain as many nutrients of the food placed inside as possible. This has been my personal choice but doesn't have to be everyones, I just like sharing the info with you all.

Having a daily serving of fruits and vegetables is highly important for your body as it gives you a boost in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and all sorts of goodness your body craves for in order to function well.

By blending a whole fruit or vegetable you retain the skin in the process which is where most of the oils and fibers are to help your digestive system.

Benefits of smoothies:

Regulates  blood sugar levels.

Perfect breakfast alternative or snack depending on the daily calorie intake

Strengthens bones

Decreases cortisone production

Packed with nutrients and fiber

Aids muscle growth

Helps improve appearance of hair,skin and nails

Strengthens your immune system

Quick and easy to make

Daily fruit and vegetable allowance

Ready to give it a go?

There are three basic steps of making a smoothie 

Step1. Choose your liquid base, it can be dairy or dairy free and there's so many possibilities

I love mine with home made cashew milk

Step2. Choose your main ingredients fruits AND vegetables plus a minimum of two different ones.

Step3. Add some extra goodness. I will be posting all about super foods, seeds, nuts and powders so don't be shy and choose your favorites

Easy! Would you like some recipe guidelines? Below I will write my favorite ones but before I do so I would like to give you some advice:

 * Explore and try adding some spinach or kale to your smoothie, if it is mixed with a sweet fruit like banana, apple, pineapple, berries or mango you will never notice the taste of it, trust will only be green in color nothing else

 * Make one of the fruits or veggies a frozen one that way your smoothie will be nice and chilled for you to enjoy better

 * Don't peel the apples or even lemons as their skin contains an infinite amount of benefits. Do remove the seeds of as many fruits as you can. Apple seeds for example contain cyanogenic acids which make them poisonous for human intake and your bodies are unable to detoxify of them., so be cautious when preparing the fruit and vegetables for your smoothies. Peel bananas, kiwis, mangoes, oranges etc... make sure cherries have their pips out as they too have cyanogenic acids and wash all your ingredients thoroughly.

 * You can almost freeze every fruit if properly prepared. I have my freezer full of berries, pineapple and kale for example as they are the ones I most use.

Recipe time!

Green Chia goodness

Spinach or Kale, Apple, Banana, Chia seeds, Crushed almonds, plant based milk

Cocoa madness

Banana, Raw cocoa powder, Dates, Cinnamon powder, Flaxseeds, plant based milk

Green and fruity

Pineapple, Banana, Ginger, Mint leaves, Spinach / Watercress or Kale, Coconut water and add a lemon at the end! so yummy

Green master

Spinach, Fennel, Pineapple, Avocado, Mint leaves, Coconut water

Fruit Basics

Any berry (strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blueberry), Banana and cashew milk or Mango and cashew milk

Add nutmeg and cinnamon for spiciness, crushed almonds or walnuts for consistency and top them up with flaxseed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, maca powder, acai, spirulina, wheatgrass, hemp, mushroom complex powder...there are so many of them!! Just make sure you choose one and start using it...slowly you will love so many superfood toppings that you will be able to have a different smoothie every time and your body will love you for it.

It is an easy way to incorporate them to your life and all these super foods as we learned in my previous post are packed with so many good properties the list is almost endless. In a smoothie you won't even be able to taste them but your body will notice their presence.

Until the next post.


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¡¡Hola a todos!!  Mientras estoy escribiendo el post de hoy estoy bebiéndome un delicioso smoothie/batido verde.

¿Te has preguntado alguna vez que hay de bueno en el mundo de los batidos? ¿Te apetece probar algo nuevo? ¿Alguna vez has querido una opción de snack saludable y no has sabido muy bien cuál elegir? Mi respuesta es batido

A mi personalmente me encanta y después de este post espero que tu también empieces una historia de amor con ellos jajajajaja.

Para los antojos de dulces, para aquellos de vosotros que no os apetece comer una manzana, para aquellos que no recibís la cantidad correcta de verduras diarias debido a que no os gusta mucho o cualquier otra razón, los batidos son una gran alternativa.

Un smoothie es de consistencia espesa, requiere la necesidad de mezclar las frutas y / o verduras con una base líquida ya sea de productos lácteos o productos no lácteos y se le añaden semillas, nueces y polvos al gusto de cada uno.

Por lo general se hacen en una licuadora que estoy segura que muchos tenéis en casa ya que normalmente es el robot de cocina más fácil y más versátil. Si no tienes una, hay un montón de supermercados por ahí que ofrecen licuadoras tan baratas como 20 euros. Con los tiempos modernos también llegaron los robots de cocina modernos así que habrás podido oír hablar de la Nutribullet, la Vitamix o marcas de gama alta como Hurom, Omega y Oscar fabricando licuadoras de superior calidad.

Todas son buenas, siempre y cuando tengas una batidora lo demás ya llegará, primero quiero que empieces a descubrir el mundo de los batidos y una vez que los hayas incorporado a tu vida ya te interesarás por investigar otras marcas y batidoras en el mercado.

Yo tengo una Nutribullet en casa y la verdad que estoy super contenta con la calidad de mis batidos y la textura con la que los hace.Tiene un nuevo sistema de cuchilla de extracción de nutrientes y se ha demostrado que retiene una mayor cantidad de nutrientes respecto a otras formas de batidoras, pero esta ha sido mi elección personal y no tiene por qué ser la de todos ni mucho menos, aunque ya sabeéis que me gusta compartir la información con todos vosotros.

Comer una porción diaria de frutas y verduras es muy importante para tu cuerpo, ya que le da un impulso de vit