Morning Routines … Yes or No? - Rutinas matutinas ... ¿Sí o no?

Why everyone’s morning seem way more productive than yours

¿Por qué las mañanas de todos parecen más productivas que las tuyas?

Mornings can be a breeze of that alarm sounding in the distance, birds singing nearby and your eyes opening up slowly to a very energized state of mind.

Stepping out of bed and stretching out that body … Taking a shot of lemon with warm water and turmeric … getting an hour of exercise or yoga or 10 minutes of meditation … smoothie time and off you go to start your work day.

Same morning for someone with kids, toddlers, dogs or just not a morning person at all will be way different to that description. And does it mean it’s worse? Can you achieve all those goals and mental state of peace and bliss if your mornings always start out as a mess?

In deed you can!

Nowadays, having access to social media we are bombarded on a daly basis with healthy things, great routines, recipes, 7 minute workouts, how to be a more productive mom and the list goes on and on … This might fill you with energy and boost your motivation or make you feel like you are not doing well at all, that your life is a mess and you will never reach that state of wellness you desire.

First of all … stop comparing yourself to others!!! We tend to dwell in this comparison and place our minds in a state which does not allow us to then see our true potential and capability of growth.

We all are unique individuals and it is your uniqueness you need to explore and expand.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I wake up as soon as the alarm goes off ? yes or no

2. Do I like sleeping and sleep well? yes or no

3. Do I plan my day ahead of time? yes or no

4. How long before leaving the house for work do I rise and shine? less than 45 minutes / more than 1 hour

5. Do I feel energized in the mornings? yes or no

6. Do I crave a coffee or tea to feel awake? yes or no

7. Do I check social media as soon as I wake up? yes or no

The answers to these questions are unique to you today and if you check again within 6 months you might see changes depending on modification in your diet, lifestyle and overall habits.

The rule of thumb is, in the world you have morning people and non morning people. Both are perfectly fine!!

My suggestion is for you to include small changes to your routines so that heavy dislike for early mornings turns to a slight dislike and then to just a general dislike.

For example:

Consider placing your phone away from your bed so you need to physically stand up and turn it off when the alarm goes on.

Plan your day ahead of time and include something that excites you or brings you joy in that day, however small, that excitement will build up in your body being released by dopamine nd you will automatically awaken energized and alive by looking forward to that one highlight you created.

If you find yourself craving for coffee or tea every morning to feel awake, try reducing the temperature of your shower slightly so you can get that awaken feeling naturally right before you drink your morning cup.

Try not checking social media until after you get to work, when you’re in the public transport or during your coffee break at work. Reason for it is to not stress your mind with any guilt feeling of not having done all these million things you see other people do every morning which you have not accomplished.

If your kids are waking you up or you have a newborn and need to do night feeds and feel drowsy and tired all day … you are already doing great in staying alive and healthy!!! You are a warrior!! Try sharing the load with your partner if there is one and if you are by yourself think of a mom support group, you are not alone… there are many women out there in your same situation and you can share tips and tears and laughs and sleeps together.

For a healthy morning awakening you would want to answer:

  1. yes

  2. yes

  3. yes

  4. more than 1 hour

  5. yes

  6. no

  7. no

With small changes in your habits and routines you will slowly see massive improvements. See that I did not mention meditation, yoga, stretches, run, etc…

You perhaps love to workout in the morning and have that routine figured out however it is also perfectly fine to workout in the afternoon / evening too and if all you can squeeze is a 30 minute walk going to work, whilst pushing the stroller or going to get groceries then that is 30 minutes more than having done nothing at all!!

Get into the habit of rewarding yourself, of knowing that you are yourself and therefore different to any other person around you and that already going through the day as it is might have been enough battle already!



Rutinas matutinas... ¿Sí o no?

¿Por qué las mañanas de todos parecen más productivas que las tuyas?

Las mañanas pueden ser una brisa de esa alarma que suena a lo lejos, los pájaros cantando cerca y tus ojos abriéndose lentamente a un estado mental muy energizado.

Salir de la cama y estirar el cuerpo... Tomar un trago de limón con agua tibia y cúrcuma... hacer una hora de ejercicio o yoga o 10 minutos de meditación... tomarte un batido y salir para empezar el día de trabajo.

La misma mañana para alguien con bebés, niños pequeños, perros o simplemente una persona cero mañanera tendrá una descripción bastante diferente. ¿Y eso significa que es peor? ¿Puedes alcanzar todos esos objetivos y estado mental de paz y felicidad si tus mañanas siempre comienzan como un desastre?

¡De hecho, sí puedes!

Hoy en día, al tener acceso a las redes sociales nos bombardean a diario con cosas saludables, rutinas increíbles, recetas, entrenamientos de 7 minutos, cómo ser una madre más productiva y la lista sigue y sigue... Esto puede llenarte de energía y aumentar tu motivación o hacerte sentir que no te va nada bien, que tu vida es un desastre y que nunca alcanzarás ese estado de bienestar que deseas.

En primer lugar... ¡¡Deja de compararte con los demás!! Tendemos a vivir en esta comparación y a poner nuestras mentes en un estado que no nos permite ver nuestro verdadero potencial y capacidad de crecimiento.

Todos somos individuos únicos y es tu unicidad la que necesitas explorar y expandir.

Hazte estas preguntas:

1. ¿Me despierto tan pronto como suena la alarma? Sí o no.

2. ¿Me gusta dormir y duermo bien? Sí o no.