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Hello lovelies!!!! Oh I have to apologize in whole house smells divine now, I am cooking a new recipe I found online from one of my favorite recipe bloggers out there and I can't wait to eat my quinoa mouth is watering hahaha.

Today's topic is going to be about weight loss concerns and all what is involved in specially us ladies wanting to keep a nice figure.

I recently stumbled upon one of Albert Einsteins sayings in a book I am reading

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"  Does this apply at all in your battle against weight? Have you tried diets and detoxes and certain pills and the result has always been weight off for a period of time and bounced back again after a while? But yet for some reason we are "Insane" as Albert Einstein once said because despite our failure we do it over and over and over expecting a different result as we use different diets.

Let me explain some basics to you that perhaps will help you out :

1. We are all different individuals, therefore one persons 'bliss food' is another persons 'hell food'.

2. We all have different metabolic activities that can change as you age, or as stress levels or nutrient deficiencies shift in your lifestyle or diet.

3. Your body is very intelligent, it tells you what you need and how much of it if you only listen to it.

4. Are you active? Start to be.

I agree that modern nutrition has changed the way we see things or even how we believe people like me coming here and chatting you up about certain nutrition topics. But unlike others I am not here to push a best seller to the highest point or to be famous. Becoming a health coach has benefited myself and all I want is to help others on the way.  I myself have struggled with weight all my life. As a kid my diet was mainly based on sweets, candy, fried food and fast food and as much of it as I could have as I had no strict parental guidelines related to what I ate. It was at the age of 11 when I started incorporating fruit to my diet and up until I was a teenager I was always obese for my age.

At the time I was 16 my body suffered a huge change into becoming a woman and I shed off many pounds and yet all I did was eat more homemade food, less candy and was more active.

At the age of 21 I really started to pay attention to my body and what it was wanting to tell me, I slowly got interested in many aspects of healthy eating and I can now say, so many years later that I am glad I took that path.

I understand it isn't easy when you get information from one expert proving dairy is a necessary component of our diets and another one proving it is very detrimental to health, same goes to meat, flours, sodas, etc.......all with proven diagnoses and theories. So if water has always been made up of hydrogen and oxygen why is it so difficult to get to the bottom of what is good or bad for us and what makes us gain weight easier or not?

Well it is an easy answer to me and I will now share it with you all. If you are seeking weight loss, in stead of putting yourself through the miseries of an extreme diet that will shed those pounds off but more than likely make you regain them back in no time; why don't you try small changes and make them stick?

You see, for a healthy and permanent weight loss there are many factors that have a brotherhood- like bonding and have to go together:

*Drink more water.....substitute some of your sodas and coffee or other drinks for water. Don't like the flavor? add fruits, lemon slices, cinnamon sticks or cucumber to it.

*Always eat breakfast. As the word tells us it is the first meal of the day we use to break our fast and if we don't do so or do it poorly it will just make you become calorie deficient for some hours until you start binging on food and overeating.

*Cook. It is extremely important. Try one meal a day if you don't already cook for yourself. The advantages of it are portion control and knowing what is used for your food to be cooked (oils, salt, sugars, marinades...)

*Move and move again. At least try walking, swimming, taking stairs in stead of the many options, but please move.

*Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is necessary for our organs to soak in all what happened during the active hours of the day and reboot in order to properly work again the next day. It helps in easing our minds stress, it relaxes our muscles and when you avoid sleeping, guess what happens? your appetite increases!!

*Track your progress. This is extremely important to motivate yourself. Measure your body, take notes of what you eat, download a tracking app, take pictures of is highly important to have a visual progress.

*Avoid temptations by knowing what they are. If you know your weakness is chocolate don't have a million varieties of it at stead, buy dark over 85% for example and only eat a square a day...Identify your weakness, let your friends, parter or family know so they can help you too.

Do you see the bigger picture now? maybe the best seller book this month is telling you to eat more protein and less carbs but,  is that doing any good for you? do you enjoy eating? you can eat a wide variety of foods and yet trim wholesome and fresh.

Avoid packages for a while, don't overindulge in alcohol and make veggies a half of your lunch and dinner plates. If you feel hungry between meals do snacks, eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. Don't starve your body, try shifting it to a better place, a healthier one. You will shed off those pounds and not gain them back.

I would like to do a game comparison with you so you can see with your own eyes that calorie counting isn't all unless you know what nutrients are actually in those calories:

1 pack of oreo cookies (500g)  

equals to

500g of 2% cottage cheese + 1kg cantaloupe + 500g tofu +500g apples + 500g kale + 1kg celery +500g lettuce +500g carrots+500g papaya + 500g onion + 1kg cucumber

(Integrative Nutrition Book, Joshua Rosenthal)

WOW!!!!! How does that sound? now how many meals can you possibly cook or snacks you can take with all of that compared to just one sitting of oreo cookies.

Do you see the calorie difference now? So apart from that, those cookies have no nutritional value whatsoever, so you are just giving yourself a sugar high, chemical dopamine effect to the brain and probably storing it as fat.

Think about it twice when you see it as a good idea to barely eat or only eat peanut butter or crisps for five days. Take in consideration the bigger picture and the harm you may doing to your body.

I can understand you are maybe tired of hearing all this but have you ever put it to practice or have you just gone out to the bookstore and bought yourself the latest dieting bestseller or asked your friends about the newest dieting methods? If you never try these easy steps towards a healthy way to loose weight and keep it off you will never know how great it is and how well it works.

"Look out the window before a sunrise or just when the sunset is about to begin, take a deep breath. What do you see? What do you feel? There's beauty in the sky and its surrounding you. You are beauty, your body is your beauty, preserve it, nourish and love it and it will love you back.  Despite how the media wants us to look like today, you will always have the last say in it and we should all try to look outside the window and check with our inner selfs how beautiful we are, just like the sunrise and the sunset. 
Rocio Dos Santos Arenas"

Until the next post.


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