A coach offers guidance, support and tools and that is exactly what I am here for in the form a nutrition guru. Specialized in helping you improve your gut health and food intolerances and ready to start coaching together. 

Wether you need to only answer a few nutrition questions, you want help reading labels, need to learn how to make quick and healthy meals or have embarked in a vegan diet and need guidance, I am here to help you. 

As a holistic health coach I approach the body as a whole and consider your outside world as a factor that contributes to your health ups and downs.

We shall work closely together and achieve or give an answer to what you want and desire.


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Join my BASI method Matwork classes wether in private sessions,

 with friends or in the studio.

Benefit from a training method that will ensure you strengthen and move your body with precision and awareness. Starting with the foundations by doing simple Pilates exercises to deepening your strength and knowledge and becoming more mobile. 

I bring my anatomy background to our classes together with a big smile so we can enjoy whilst sweating


Pre & Post Natal classes available, more info below. 

We shall conduct classes in person or online and work from the fundamentals  to ensure you receive all the tools you can in order to benefit from those pilates results

Price list for all my services can be found here  



Embark in the amazing path of Yoga through asana classes, pranayama, meditation and more ... 

I envision yoga as then union of body, mind, soul and personal development. 

I will meet you at your level and guide you through ashtanga yoga basics, hatha or vinyasa classes, prepare tailor made hormonal yoga therapy sessions or dive you into the world of breath techniques and meditation so you can restore, relax and unwind whilst taking care of your mind and body. 

I am also trained in Pre & Post natal exercise techniques by Body Hack UAE to ensure you move safely through pregnancy and beyond. Strengthen your inner core, fight diastasis recti and incontinence, work on your pelvic floor muscles and understand breathing during pregnancy. 

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My classes have an anatomical and brain-based approach, have specialized during my own pregnancy  in supporting mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy and beyond. I can add holistic nutritional advice for a 360° coverage or maintain it just about physical activity.

Train your Pelvic Floor with awareness;

Learn what changes your body is going through;

Workout safely with modifications that are specific to each trimester and adapted to your body and your needs;

Training sessions based on pilates and yoga movements which will include brain based fitness methodology from my neuroanatomy background together with extensive pelvic floor exercises.

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Become another happy client and take on some pilates or yoga sessions or perhaps some nutrition related workshops for your employees.

I am trained in the field of training itself with certifications as train the trainer and resource management. Conducting seminars and workshops in a fun and enjoyable way is my approach. 

Use yoga & pilates classes as a team building activity for your employees and a way for them to unwind, relax and freshen up their minds or have them learn how to improve their gut health, and learn how to make quick and easy meals at home. 


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Curious to know more about how the body works, how muscles are activated and how breathing takes place? Join me and learn about your body in ways you never thought of. 

Workshops ReImagined is a concept where I guide you through interactive, hands on, fun and full of knowledge series of courses where your mind and body will both benefit. 

Learn proper posture alignment, join movement, what muscles are involved in breathing, how to best release your shoulders or how to properly use your glutes.

I can prepare workshops tailor made to any request. 


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Let's take advantage of this wonderful world of connections and meet online for any of the services I offer.

If you do not live in Switzerland we can always meet online. I use teams and zoom for my overseas clients and can tailor a personalized package just for you. 


You shall receive offline and online assistance throughout the time we work together as well as creating a set of goals to achieve and a plan of action to work through. Want to benefit from pilates results? Improve your gut health or learn ashtanga yoga basics? I am here for YOU! 


Get your personalized treatment starting today there has never been a better time

to gift yourself a care package!

Price list for all my services can be found here  




yoga teacher training
anatomy and biomechanics training
anatomy training
Pilates teacher training
neuroanatomy training
Health & First Aid Training
nutrition and health coach training
train the trainer course

RYT 200H Certified Yoga Teacher - Arogya School - Rishikesh, India

Health Coach degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - New York

Certified BASI Pilates Mat Instructor 

NeuroAnatomy Certification by Body Hack UAE

Pre & Post Natal Pilates Training by Body Hack UAE

Injuries and Working with Pain, The Mindful Body - Dubai

Anatomy and Biomechanics by Pilates Academy International (Pilates on Fifth),

New York - Dubai

First Aid Certification Valid for two years 09/2020 to 09/2022 - Health First CH

Train the Trainer - 2017 - Spearhead Training by Gulf LLC

* Classes and Coaching Sessions will be held in English or Spanish 

* Health Coaching sessions can be done online if you don't live in Switzerland